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Our Story : Dollar Day Media was created after the economic downturn left small businesses high and dry. At that time entrepreneurs / software engineers Richard Hooker and Jacob Del Hagen realized the need to provide targeted discount advertisement to small and local business.  Dollar Day Media Was Born.

At Dollar Day Media we specialize in discounted low cost, highly niche targeted advertisements.    Starting at $1 Dollar per month, our unique advertising platform allows’ you to lock in savings.

Prices and structure:

We only allow 3 dedicated Featured Listing and 1 dedicated Premium Listing Per City at any one time.    Once a city is sold for the year you will have to wait till the business year ends. (If a city is sold out Back Order HERE)

You can buy as many cities as you wish.

Featured Listing

-          $1 Dollar Per Month (12 Month Minimum)

Premium Listings

-          Minimum bid $48 / Year ($1 Per Week)  -  Based the highest bidder and is rebid every year.

Dollar A Day

-           $1 Dollar Per Day – Run Of Site  (3 Month Minimum )

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